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Through my job as a lecturer, I have fallen upon an interesting opportunity to do a large scale co-creation experiment.

I will be teaching a two-week course in creativity for 67 student, and for this course I have developed a co-creation assignment. A real client (the Metro company) asked me if I could set up a competition between the students to develop ideas for the walls of their construction sites – on key locations in Copenhagen.

Week one: The students will be asked to work in groups of four or five to create ideas for art projects for three of the walls surrounding construction sites.

Tuesday-Thursday: Ideation in small groups.
Friday: The Metro company will choose three winning ideas.

Week Two: The winning teams will pitch their ideas to the remaining groups, as If they were doing a Start-Up project, and the students will the be asked to choose which project they would like to help develop and implement.

Monday-Tuesday: developing the project.
Wednesday-Friday: On location creation and implementation of the ideas.

Outcomes for the experiment:

  • As I am highly interested in the dynamics of Start-Up projects this is a great opportunity to test their mechanics.
  • I am also interested in how well non-winning student will be able to adapt to their new projects, and if they will be able to feel real ownership for them.
  • Winners will have to lead the final three mega groups – I am interested in how this might change their roles in the project, and how the projects might change during week to.
  • All students will be credited for their work, but how is up to the winners.

Documentation: I will create a log over the progress everyday during the period (written + photos).

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Yesterday (oh it’s getting late) the day before yesterday – there were several large anti ACTA protest all over Europe. Worried as I am about ACTA, I had to join in.

It was a great experience, at least 10.000 people joined the protest outside the danish parliament. People with different political views and interest.

One of the main questions was this: If ACTA isn’t dangerous why has it been created behind closed doors?

Things to worry about

    • Will ACTA result in a constant surveillance of the Internet?
    • How small a crime can be considered a crime? (Right now there is no bottom line. Uploading a picture of Mickey Mouse to Facebook could in theory result in prosecution.)
    • Should multinational firms control our freedom of speech?



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Wow – long time no blog! I’ve been reading quite a bit – will get back to that in a later post. Now I just want to share some thoughts on the Blast Theory lecture that Jonathan uploaded recently.

I plugged my computer to our flat screen TV and enjoyed the lecture in large scale. I actually already knew most of the works described in the talk, but it was great to hear some background info from Matt Adams and to get knowledge of some of the difficulties of creating work like this.

One work that I have to check out is the “Rider Spoke”. This i a work based on mobile and geo-location, but it challenges authorship issues in the same sense that I expect my own work to do. A good point here was to “make work that allows people to speak on their own terms”.

Even though Blast Theory create interactive work, I found that most of the featured works were very controlled. Matt Adams argued that even in these controlled environments their was room for play. I still felt that the artist was looking for some very specific emotions and reactions from their audiences.

A thought: The talk about TV companies was also inspiring. I like the idea that participation doesn’t have to limit to updates and sharing of TV content – but through connectivity we might actually air movies that people can participate in, like this German advert for a TV Channel that was aired in movie theaters two years ago. With a special app that uses voice recognition and connects you smart-phone to your TV you might guide a protagonist through a situation – or remote control a car through a city in a car chase …

13th Street interactive movie, Agency: Jung Von Matt

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I stumbled across the book “Digital Folklore” a couple of weeks ago on the website netart.org. The title fascinated me, so I ordered it and it arrived today. It seems to focus on something very relevant to my personal project, the big gray mass of amateur creators who inhabit the Internet and outnumber the professionals by far. And when everyone can create and produce – how do we decide who the real professionals are? I would like to quote the foreword by webartist Cory Arcangel:

… But while these artist were doing strange things with the Internet, the online “everybody else” was doing the same. And what is art but human expression?

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