April, 2012 Monthly archive

As you know I am a big fan of Instagram. It is really nice social network, easy to use and connect to other users through. A lot of people are already creating Instagram Challenges where they set a brief and ask people who join in to tag their contribution in a certain way. If you use tags on your images they show up as thumbnails on a special page, like this:

… So think it could be fun to use this function to get contributors to help make a co-created image!

My plan is to cut at famous image up into 18 pieces (the normal amount of thumbnails shown on a page) – and ask people to create their own version of the different parts of the picture. They can use any motive or technique they wish, just as long as it has the same composition as the original part of the image. Hopefully, the result will be a recognizable reconstruction of the original!

It’s really, really important that people post their picture in the right order so I need to create a system for that.

It would be great if the co-created image was recognizable to anyone in the end, so I plan on using a really famous image – first thought was the Mona Lisa, but I the separate sections seem to become to boring. Instead I’ve been looking at these two options: Albert Einstein and Botticelli’s Venus.

So the plan is to give each contributor a section of the image – and aske them to recreate it in their own way, using any motive or technique thy choose, just as long as it has the same composition as the original part of the image. Hopefully, the result will be a recognizable reconstruction of the original image!

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Sigh… Facebook just bought my all time favorite app Instagram for a billion dollars (!) – I must admit that I am a bit worried about what this will do to the service, only time will tell …

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Just before Easter I attended a three day Hyper Island course in London – it was three full packed days about mobile directed at the movie industry.

We had a load of speakers – especially one speaker the photographer Christian Payne (@Documentally) really made sense in regards to my project. He really lives social media – constantly tweeting and video blogging. He talked about how social networks kick started his career giving him the oppurtunity to publish much more of his work (e.g. war photos) than if he only published his work through traditional media.

I especially loved a picture in one of his slides – a Foursquare check in at a Terrorist Training Camp :D

He also told us a wonderful story about a time where he crashed his car and posted a videoblog about it from the site of the accident. He instantly got help from his followers and one woman even started a online donation in his name … He was amazed that so many people were actually listening.

Christian Payne proved how powerful social media can be if you truly want them to – but you need to die into them and play with them to get the full potential out of them.

Another speaker, Per Håkanson (@perhakanson) , a real digital entrepreneur talked about how technology should be completely seamless. A statement I really agree on, Things just need to work otherwise thy won’t be used. Technology should be intuitive and basically just like glue.


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