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Wow – cool new possibilities with open API for Google hangout.

This cool little face tracking test from Resn made me jump a little bit!

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I get so much spam on this blog even though I know for a fact that only a handful people read it. Actually I’ve only recieved one real comment – and almost a hundred spam comments. This really ticks me off: How do they find me? Why oh why this blog? WHAT is the point?

Spam comments actually killed a blog for me once – they drew me to stop moderating my comments, one day I accidently deleted all my real comments, and in the end I just stopped posting. I remember at one point I got so frustrated that I started sending emails back to some of email the adresses the comments were coming from. I know how stupid this sounds – I know they are automated robots and not real people, but this made me feel som much better.

To me, spam is one of the most anti-social things on social media. I would love to do a project where I highlight the spam on blogs in some way. Maybe upgrading them to post on a blog, maybe automating blog posts so they were similar to spam in some way … I don’t know, it doesn’t really fit into the direction I’ve been taking but it might be worth following for a short period.

These thoughts might be relevant for our digital sustainability project!



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I have just returned from 3 days at the digital culture festival OFFF in Barcelona, which I had decided to go on for research and inspiration for my MA. It was a really good experience even though I only new a few of the speakers beforehand. Actually, I am sure that this was a really good thing, because I felt that this made me more open to stumble upon new artists.

Here are some of the speakers that inspired me the most:

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae‘s work has no direct relation to my project, but I was incredibly inspired by her passion for experiments. She calls herself a body architect, and all her work evolves around the human body. I especially enjoyed hearing her talking about her and Bart Hess’ collaborations. Their work was created late nights after work in a amateur studio in Lucy’s apartment.

This gigantic human version of a Chia pet called Germination was a body installation created from saw dust, grass and pantie hoses.

Or their beautiful experiments with detergent and food color …

Lucy very simple taught me that every little observation that you make might (should) be explored. Her curious mind reminded me of the witch brews of everything in the cupboard I would make in my parents kitchen as a child. Though I feel that my ability to conceptualize and ideate is one of my biggest strengths I need to stop doing this all the time and sometimes just experiment more freely! Wow.



Scottish band and installation artists Found were on the other hand right up my MA-alley. They do these amazing sound installations, and some of them have a very social aspect to them because they use feed from social media. As a band they had realised that they were getting more and more obssed with how much people were talking about them on social media platforms. So, when they were asked to create a sound installation for the Edinburgh Arts Festival in 2009 they created a machine called Cybraphon that googles itself every 15 minutes and according to what people were saying (and how many were talking about it) the music it plays changes. I like this idea so much, and it also creates some disorder in the way I’ve been talking about True Social Media Art because this installation is both generative and social because the one can influence the output by the way one discussed it through social media. Also it is a very true reflection of the way we bahave on social media.

Another really nice project they made was their installation End of Forgetting. Putting focus on the fact that everything we upload to social media actually stays in cyberspace FOREVER (and might be used against you in some point), this installation would play search for sound recently uploaded sound files on the internet and play them in the gallery in which it was placed. Pretty eary stuff to have your Audioboo played to a bunch of strangers, out of context and without your knowledge …


Daniel Eatock

A great surprice was Daniel Eatock. His work was not a techy as the guys from found who were playing around with stuff like Arduino to create their installations. But something that was relevant to my project in another way is that he creates some challenges for people which he displays on his website. Like asking people to take pictures of camera straps – with the camera itself.

… and how he made everyone in the room at OFFF collaborate in his speech (or performance) by making everyone take a picture of the person sitting next to them.

He is obsessed with creating circles, making everything join together.

Also he is a great observer. His website is full of great observations, both in his own art and in phographs or random stuff he encounters on his way.

I have decided that will participate in some of Eatocks challenges as part of my own experiment.


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Another really great thing was that Concept Makeer won a silver Creative Cricle award this Friday! Creative Circle is the Danish equivalent to D&AD. Actually this is the second award it has gotten so far – it also won a FWA in December.

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So she popped out late last night, the first version of my #venusreborn experiment.


  • Coordinating the uploads went better than exspected – Especially because almost everyone remembered tag the next contributor in line in their caption.

  • One BIG mistake was that I apparently ended up recruiting some contributors with private profiles. Which means that not everyone can see the finished Venus Reborn experiment on Instagram. This also means that I can t re-use the same tag for my next experiment. UPDATE: @spraygunannie has changes her privacy settings so I hope this means that everyone can view the Venus now on IG.

  • The frames with the different bodyparts of Venus tie the image together – a bit like the old surrealist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse. When the other frames become to abstract you don’t see a connection between them. This is a bit problematic and I might set up more rules (colors, filters etc.) so that they become more connected.

Just to illustrate my points I will post both the finished experiment and the original frames:

Venus reborn:

The original (again):

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I must admit that today I am a bit nervous.3 photos have so far been uploaded under the #venusreborn tag. I really, really hope nobody forgets …

Friday the 11th update:

So far nobody has forgot and there are 9 pictures under #venusreborn on IG. I did have to call one contributor though. Which is a bit of a fail in the experiment in my book, because it makes me wonder if it will work with strangers.

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Ok so I finally got the Instagram experiment started up.

For my first try I decided to invite specific people to join in – later on I am planning on creating one with random people.

The project will run Thursday/Friday this week and and everyone needs to tage their contribution with #venusreborn at the right time for it to work. Now I just hope that not to many people jump out in the last minute – or that someone forgets to post at the right time … Fingers crossed!!

Here is a screen dump of the schedule I sent the contributors.

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