July, 2012 Monthly archive

I’m still thinking about my little app idea. I like it a lot, but it doesn’t seem big enough as it is. Almost to simple … Then again, if I get it out and many people end up using it would be cool.

Then there is the problem of producing the damn thing. I can’t code – but I installed Xcode and started watching Lynda.com videos. Then a colleague told me that what I am trying to do could “easily” be created in Flash and exported to multiple platforms through Adobe Air.

If I want it out big I should probably go with that option.

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I bought the book “2016 – Beyond the horizon” a few months back, but only got round to start to read it now. The book is about new technologies and features a pretty nifty augmented reality app called Zapper – Zapper let’s you create ar experiences to scan without the need of qr codes or custom scanning apps – pretty cool!


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