September, 2012 Monthly archive

I’ve really been enjoying the new meme that has been built up around the failed amateur restoration of the Ecce Homo mural in Centro de Estudios Borjanos in Borja, Spain. The humor is hard to miss and the woman behind the whole thing, Cecilia Giménez has become somewhat of a legend on the internet.

But now this little web app appeared. The Cecilia Prize, where you can create your own version of the Ecce Homo and submit it via Twitter. I think this is such a nice idea and the whole story really gets you thinking about what art is – because she might have ruined a valuable piece of art, but at the same time this so called amateur created something much more controversial and effective – and I can’t see why that isn’t art in some other form.

Also this project would have fit nicely into my MA had I only thought of it …

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Instagram changed their layout a week or so ago – and to be honest I must say it looks great.

They made some cool new functions like a picture-map. But they also changed more basic stuff like the thumbnail pages (not so great for me) .

In the new and improved layout the thumbnails are much bigger which only leaves space for three thumbs (not four as I’ve used up til now).  This is really just a really classic example of how fragile projects on the Internet are. Especially projects that use an existing platform (as I did).

On the positive side, I expect that my next IG project will be easier to do because of the larger tiles. The small tiles were more abstract to work with for the contributors -  Larger tiles (like in this example that I stole from a former students Facebook page) are somehow easier to ‘put together’.

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