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I created a little Halloween tribute to the famous LOL-Cat Lemon Cat and it made it to the frontpage of KnowYourMeme.com! So proud, my first meme-version success!

The original:


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In his Fluxus Manifesto of 1963 George Maciunas call on the Fluxus artist to:

“PROMOTE A REVOLUTIONARY FLOOD AND TIDE IN ART. Promote living art, anti-art, promote NON ART REALITY to be grasped by all peoples, not critics, dilettantes and professionals.”

The thoughts of Fluxus became a platform for a broad group of artist working in many different medias, together and alone.

The Fluxus art was intermediate, and often interactive. Fluxus Scores and Flux boxes were guidelines for an audience to participate in the creation of the art – as Fluxus artist Ben Patterson puts it in the movie the Misfits. “The true way to experience art is to create it”. This changed the role of the artist to a conceptualiser or even a curator.

The movement was driven by a deep fascination of chance and life itself, and dissociation from the established art world.

In the Fluxus documentary the Misfits another Fluxus artist says that “everything art touches, dies”.

This rejection of the label “art” and open-minded view on amateurs as creators is interesting in a more contemporary context. New digital platforms such as social media networks are now being used as a basis for crowd-sourced art. Art created through such platforms are generally open for contributions from professional and amateurs alike, and the artist them selves often end up curating and editing contributions rather than creating themselves. A single art discipline within the Fluxus movement is Mail art, has a very strong connection to todays networked art.

But in the social networks there are other, even less acknowledged forms of artistic expression. The Memes – a global social trend of creation that operates on a level where most people can contribute. Though they are often regarded as an inferior creative discipline.

Memes like Rage Guy Comics and Lol Cats have their own (though rather crude) aesthetics and their own game rules. They are made from very specific components like the ones you would find in e.g. a Flux box.

In this essay I will attempt to draw parallels from the aesthetics and ideas, and social values of the Fluxus movement to some of the Social Network art of today. Maybe – if we take a look through the eyes of the Fluxus movement – Memes could be seen as a discipline of art.

Fluxkit (2), Georges Maciunas, 1966


“Three Lamp Events”, George Brecht, 1961.


From the “Dear Photograph” website.


Rage Guy Faces “kit” from alltheragefaces.com

Example of a “Rage Guy Comic” from weknowmemes.com

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Congratulations Felix, Redbull and YouTube.

I can’t help wonder if he also broke a fourth record of “the highest number of people watching a live feed”? Or maybe “most views in a second”?

This cat describes my own experience quite well.

Update: according to this article on Mashable more than 8 million people watched the jump live on YouTube. That’s more than 10x the current record.

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