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Hurray! My second little Instagram project is finally live!



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.. and my latest legs work really well!

Skærmbillede 2013-02-17 kl. 17.44.46

Skærmbillede 2013-02-18 kl. 23.06.42

Skærmbillede 2013-02-19 kl. 13.50.14



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I found out that my Instagram widget lets me show streams of photos with different tags, and this is exactly what I need for my #iseefaces#iseelegs project! It doesn’t let me scroll between images so I can’t use it for the website itself, but it works nicely for testing :) One thing I have noticed is how many people use the iseefaces tag in a “wrong” way. The general consensus is that it for inanimate objects that look like faces, but many people use it for real faces which kind of ruins the illusion … The same problem goes for the iseelegs tag and that’s the reason that right now I am only letting it show 3 pictures from this stream ( and I have added two of these myself).

Scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand bar to see my little test for this project.

Here are some examples of successful combinations:



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You can’t really have a blog about social media art and phenomenas and not mention this meme: The Harlem Shake is spreading like wildfire across the Internet. This graph from an article on Mashable tells the story quite well.

This is the video that started all the racket …

… though this is the real original

… and here are some of mt favorite responses

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Wuhu! 12 real midwife students have agreed to do the next version of the #venusreborn project! More info about that later …

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I posted this on Instagram today!

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I was listening to the radio as I was driving home from my parents house tonight and I happened to hear a radio program about Big Data. I was not familiar with the term before, but basically Big Data is the combined data that is pulled from web 2.0. It is called Big Data because the amount of data that is created through web 2.0 and the social actions on the Internet is staggering.

The interviewee was the senior Vice President, John Boswell from the American  data analytics company SAS, and he was explaining the great possibilities of Big Data. According to him a lot can be predicted from what conversations are trending in the social web.

One very nice example was the Google Flu Trends. Google have found out that they can predict a flu epidemic before it happens by the nature of people’s online searches. This can help predict outbreaks of epidemics and therefore hospitals can ensure that there are doctors and medicine available before the real problems start.

= Google Flu Trends estimate  = United States Data

This image is taken directly from Google Flu Trends.

Other examples of use of Big Data from the radio program were how SAS use topics of online conversations to predict growth in unemployment.


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With some help and advice from my good friend Jonas, the #iseefaces#iseelegssite is finally in progress! No design has been implemented yet but the basic functionality is there! I had to post something under the “legs” tag because the stuff that was already there made no sense …

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Lonely Tweets is a beautiful yet simple project showcasing lonely people’s use of Twitter. It uses live source like my latest project also does.

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