March, 2013 Monthly archive

It feels like almost everyone is talking about how important it is to learn to code these days, and I really had been planning on getting started with Codecademy since I started on the MA, I just hadn’t  gotten around to it. But due to my new projects I’ve recently been getting more and more frustrated with my limited coding knowledge. So after Ed Kelly reminded me about Codecademy in my latest tutorial, I decided to get cracking with the course from the very top. And it’s amazing! It’s just as addictive as all the different iPhone puzzles that I can’t help waisting my time on, but the upside is that I’m actually learning to code. There are some glitches in the system though, e.g like it will sometimes let you pass a lesson with faulty code (grrr), and in the PHP section you would sometimes not pass with the right code. But all in all I’m so pleased with the site and I just hope I will be able to remember all the amazing stuff that I’m learning! At this point I’ve completed 229 exercises and received 31 badges (don’t you just love gamification). I’ve covered Basic HTML (and CSS) 1-3, a 50% of PHP and 40% of jQuery. Gotta run I want to get back to slide toggling some more stuff …



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As many of you suggested I have decided to create several different co-creation projects for our final show.

You have already seen the #venusreborn project which I am currently making two new editions of. 
But I don’t want to show you this project today, instead I want to talk to you about my newer project #ISEEFACES#ISEELEGS.

For this project I have hijacked the two Instagram tags #iseefaces and #iseelegs and place them one on top of the other so they become little charecters. The #ISEEFACES#ISEELEGS project is very different in it’s nature to #venusreborn as it demands almost no user involvement and many of the contributors don’t even know that their pictures are on my site.


  • Anyone can change the characters by uploading new pictures.
  • Because #iseefaces is a very popular tag already the front page character changes all the time
  • By navigating with the arrow buttons you can mix and match


  • Many people use the #iseefaces tag in “wrong” ways.
  • There aren’t many #iseelegs pictures – I have had to upload many of them myself.

Also, I would like to make these additions as I learn to code them:

  • Save custom characters to a gallery or share them.
  • Load more than 20 pictures with each tag

Proof of concept:

Visit ISEEFACESISEELEGS.com and see it in its current version

See this blog post to see how I might exhibit it.

See this blog post and other of my latest postings to see examples of the combinations I have saved since I started working on the project.

N.B. It is important to note that I will be creating at least one more project for the final show and that I do not want to use Instagram for this project. My plan is to present ideas for this project at my next group presentation.



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