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I’ve tried creating some test images for my personal project today. I’m testing if I need to have my own face in the same environment as the original lolcat to make the strongest link.

I dis a quick photoshop mock up of both to see what works best, but I think I have to make more to decide.



lol-kat-failure1 lol-kat-failure2

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The Bryn meme is flourishing with more than 70 different contributions and more people than anyone would imagine have joined in and photoshopped Bryn. A noteworthy thing is that though the meme has spread far and wide through Bryn’s social network it doesn’t seem to have spread beyond his own friends. The “Can someone please photoshop the sun between my fingers guy”  is very different in this way because contributions came from people he didn’t seem to know in person. I imagine that this of course has a lot to do with the difference in the social media platforms on which the two memes were started. The “sun guy” posted his call on the open forum Reddit, whilst the Bryn meme started as  a reaction from his friends to his profile picture on Facebook.

551324_10151566571508540_2143376666_n tumblr_mlv67dxaLt1sp9xdro1_1280935735_10151551961899144_42772709_n

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The phenomenon of seeing faces or images of bodies in physical objects is called pareidolia. The expression also covers hearing hidden messages in records (or even words in the screams of goats and barking dogs). According to Wikipedia, pareidolia is a kind of apophenia which is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns in random meaningless data (or objects?). Noteworthy examples of pareidolia include the man in the moon, animals in clouds and seeing Jesus in toasted bread

I’ve been looking for a word that describes what my #ISEEFACES#ISEELEGS project was about – so I am very happy to finally find one that is covering.

Look a Jesus cheeto!

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A friend of mine posted a new profile picture to on Facebook two days ago and that made his wall go berserk. Someone noticed that his pose looked like he was pooping and yesterday creative hell broke loose!


The pooping remark resulted in someone posting this picture.


Which made my friend Jonas do a shout out: Everyone photoshop BRYN!


That made someone else post this picture


While I was creating THIS picture


And when I woke up this morning and checked my friends wall the internet had done it’s thing!

The whole thing reminds me of the “Can someone please photoshop the sun between my fingers guy” from Reddit.



The Reddit image inspired me to do a GIF …

Update two:

Another friend, Sven, just created a Tumblr with all the pictures called  FOR HELVíTI which he asked me to help him manage.

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Moniker studio has created this wonderful crowd sourced music video celebrating the computer cursor for the band Light Light. While viewing the music video you cursors movement is recorded and added to the video.

kilo_light3 kilo_light2 kilo_light

Simple and stunning.


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I’ve done the brainstorm because I’m trying to come up with ideas for what may be the last project. The goal is to NOT use Instagram for my this one (though it is tempting) The aim of my brainstorm was to go through the most popular social networks and pinpoint relevant technologies and special user mentality and behavioral patterns.

Right now the only real idea I got from this is that I could do a social media canon (song) using e.g. SoundCloud. This idea could be fun but I think I will have to revisit this brainstorm again with fresh eyes later this week and see what other ideas I might get.

2013-04-04 15.32.17

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I really like lolcats (hence the name of the blog) and what they stand for, so when Ed Kelly sent me a link for a Lolcat exhibiton in London I was intrigued. The exhibition itself wasn’t exactly what I would like to do with lolcats as a theme, but thinking about it sparked an idea for a little personal project. The problem is it isn’t really social, but I feel it has some relvance to portraying internet culture through its memes.

My plan is to take picture of myself posing of famous lolcats and post them in separate section here on my website “lol-kat.com”. Simple.

Here are some of my all time favorites that I’ve picked out for now:

While this idea doesn’t involve collaboration it’s source material i crowd sourced. So in a way it fits into my MA, and in a way it really doesn’t. I’ve decided to make it no matter what, and figure out later if I’ll put it into the final exhibition.

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I’m am crazy about Yayoi Kusama and her obsession for coloured dots. The Ted Norton piece below reminded me of this work by her from 2011.

Take one white room and let children go crazy with sticky dots of different colours and sizes …




The piece is entitled The Obliteration Room.


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Jeweller Ted Noten created a really simple and inspiring collaborative (offline) art piece for the exhibition “Framed by Ted Noten“. Signature Miss Piggy rings were hung upon nails forming a gun. Visitors could swap their own rings for a Ted Norton ring and in the end the art piece had metamorphosed into a new crowd sourced work of art. Though it is not digital I find this work inspiring, especially in the way it drives audience participation.

noten902054_445778612164233_853186632_oThe pig-ring is on of the original Ted Noten Miss Piggy rings.


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