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Slightly non MA-related post:

A couple of weeks ago my three partners and myself launched a new social gaming app for mobile called Friendly. It’s based on the idea of the classic Who’s Who boardgame, but because it’s Facebook connected you now can guess your friends.

It’s been quite a learning process, it’s our first game off course, the first time we worked with Facebook connect (relevant for this MA!), and it’s the first time we have tried launching something this huge without the kind off budget that people like Zynga and Rovio have.

It’s out for iPhone now, and will be ready for Android in the next couple of days.

We made a little case video for it like we did with Concept Maker and you can download it from AppStore here.

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Another really great thing was that Concept Makeer won a silver Creative Cricle award this Friday! Creative Circle is the Danish equivalent to D&AD. Actually this is the second award it has gotten so far – it also won a FWA in December.

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Concept Maker case video from Concept Maker on Vimeo.

It’s been a crazy day! We worked ALL night to get our press kit and website ready for launch, and now it’s finally out! Our first app. <3 It’s been well received today … So now I’ll go to bed and sleep happily!

You can read more about the Concept Maker here 
And … the direct link to iTunes here

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Not so MA related – but it’s just so amazing news that I had share it! We finally have our Apple developers account and are submitting our creativity app; The Concept Maker to Apple’s App Store. Crossing fingers that it will be a speedy process! Check out my presentation video below this post for some screencaptures from the app.



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Password: katrinepresents

I made this video private because I’m showcasing the Concept Maker app which hasn’t been launched yet. Just type in the password listed above


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Here’s a little project I started up with a colleague/friend last year, it’s not ment to be part of the MA, but I think it is relevant because it’s my first go of what you could call a social art collaboration.

Concept toys nativity scene

It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to rearrange my office toys to mark December. My colleague Tine and I were surprised how little was needed to create a recognizable nativity scene with no actual religious figures or elements. It inspired us to start up The Little Baby Jesus Project, a collaborative art project consisting only of what you might call alternative nativity scenes. The rules are simple and open for interpretation. And we were amazed with all the different ideas that got submitted.

So, how to make a Little Baby Jesus? I’ve done a little pictogram version (below) to explain the formula – you basically just need a few ingredients:

a Mary
a Joseph
3 kings
some shepards
some farm animals
and your centerpiece: The little BJ himself!
You might also top the whole thing of with a star (optional).

And the true key to getting it right is the way you arrange your objects …


The following  examples are some of the wonderful nativity scenes that we received:

I love this chocolate version by Casper Heikenskjold. It’s very subtle and there’s not much giving it away. But he is not afraid of taking the concept to an extreme.

This one by Anne Krarup, really illustrates the kind of content we were expecting – but I think it’s wonderful.

We received quite a few political incorrect LBJ’s! This one is by Charlotte Boysen & Ditte Grandjean – Be sure to click the image to see it in a bigger version – there are some great details in the picture!

This Christmas stamp version by Line Lorentzen was one of the first 2D images we got.

The co-creator of the project Tine Kej did this one

by Balle Bang Bang

A alcoholic version by Balle Bang Bang…

A holy game of Chess by Matt Sadler

and Little Baby Penguin by Tine and myself again.

This year we are giving it another run, but before that we’ll probably also change the website a bit. We used Cargo, but ended up changing so much of the predefined HTML coding that the whole thing got a bit wonky – The plan is to move everything to a WordPress site during the next couple of weeks – so if you go and have a look now, be sure to come back and have a look again later…




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