It’s been some frantic weeks lately and sadly I also missed my tutorial because of all the action. First of all I had to attend and grade the 2nd year exams 2 weeks ago where the tutorials were. I was leading them so there was really no option to miss them. Then, last Saturday, I got married (!). I’m quite proud of the idea I came up with for my ring and and a necklace for my husband …

Tuesday I rushed to up north of Copenhagen to see the Yoko Ono retrospective exhibition which was RIGHT up my MA alley and Wednesday I was off to the Cannes Lions Festival with almost 30 students and two colleagues.

I brought my computer but there was absolutely no time to blog, so I’m sitting now and looking through all my notes and creating three posts. One about Yoko. One for Cannes. And FINALLY I have quite a few new ideas for my last project for the exhibition!

2013-06-16 13.17.30

2013-06-17 09.44.06-1




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