It feels like almost everyone is talking about how important it is to learn to code these days, and I really had been planning on getting started with Codecademy since I started on the MA, I just hadn’t  gotten around to it. But due to my new projects I’ve recently been getting more and more frustrated with my limited coding knowledge. So after Ed Kelly reminded me about Codecademy in my latest tutorial, I decided to get cracking with the course from the very top. And it’s amazing! It’s just as addictive as all the different iPhone puzzles that I can’t help waisting my time on, but the upside is that I’m actually learning to code. There are some glitches in the system though, e.g like it will sometimes let you pass a lesson with faulty code (grrr), and in the PHP section you would sometimes not pass with the right code. But all in all I’m so pleased with the site and I just hope I will be able to remember all the amazing stuff that I’m learning! At this point I’ve completed 229 exercises and received 31 badges (don’t you just love gamification). I’ve covered Basic HTML (and CSS) 1-3, a 50% of PHP and 40% of jQuery. Gotta run I want to get back to slide toggling some more stuff …



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I have been fiddling with an idea for the MA for a while and hope to launch it soon. I know I should not be scared to post these things on the blog because it is my record and it needs to be updated regularly to work, the problem is that the world I come from (the advertising business) is very secretive and the WORST thing that can happen is that someone steels your idea. BUT in two days it is time for the Unit 1 assessment so I really do not have a choice, I have to post the idea now. For a while I was considering if this idea should be my main project, but my decision is to make a series of Social Media projects and exhibit them all together. This is also due to the lang talk I had with Knud Pedersen (the Danish Fluxus and Mail artist). He pointed out that I was becoming to attached to one medium (Instagram) and it might end up limiting my work. I can see what he meant.

Project title: #iseefaces #iseelegs.

Fact: One of the most trending hashtags on Instagram is #iseefaces. The #iseefaces tag is used for photos of objects that look like faces. There is also a similar (though not as popular) hashtag called #iseelegs

Idea: Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawings my idea is to animate these dead objects further by adding “legs” to them.

Using the Instagram API the website (WP based) will pull the most recent #iseefaces and #iseelegs tagged pictures onto the frontpage of the site. Viewers may shuffle them and scroll back and forth to create new “creatures”. The site will be updated in real time so you can alter the site by uploading pictures through our own IG account.

For the final MA show I would love to build two large electrical cubes that can turn. The IG pictures should be projected onto using image mapping them and every time a new image is uploaded the cubes turn and a new image appears.


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I’ve really been enjoying the new meme that has been built up around the failed amateur restoration of the Ecce Homo mural in Centro de Estudios Borjanos in Borja, Spain. The humor is hard to miss and the woman behind the whole thing, Cecilia Giménez has become somewhat of a legend on the internet.

But now this little web app appeared. The Cecilia Prize, where you can create your own version of the Ecce Homo and submit it via Twitter. I think this is such a nice idea and the whole story really gets you thinking about what art is – because she might have ruined a valuable piece of art, but at the same time this so called amateur created something much more controversial and effective – and I can’t see why that isn’t art in some other form.

Also this project would have fit nicely into my MA had I only thought of it …

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Instagram changed their layout a week or so ago – and to be honest I must say it looks great.

They made some cool new functions like a picture-map. But they also changed more basic stuff like the thumbnail pages (not so great for me) .

In the new and improved layout the thumbnails are much bigger which only leaves space for three thumbs (not four as I’ve used up til now).  This is really just a really classic example of how fragile projects on the Internet are. Especially projects that use an existing platform (as I did).

On the positive side, I expect that my next IG project will be easier to do because of the larger tiles. The small tiles were more abstract to work with for the contributors -  Larger tiles (like in this example that I stole from a former students Facebook page) are somehow easier to ‘put together’.

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I bought the book “2016 – Beyond the horizon” a few months back, but only got round to start to read it now. The book is about new technologies and features a pretty nifty augmented reality app called Zapper – Zapper let’s you create ar experiences to scan without the need of qr codes or custom scanning apps – pretty cool!


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I just had a really nice idea for an app that would fit really nicely into my project. I’ve talked about the old Dadaist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse before, and just realised that it would make a wonderful iPad-app. I figure I could hook it up with Facebook connect, so people could use it to draw with their friends also. The real problem is, that I have no idea how to program this. So I will now consult with some of my more geeky friends to get some pointers! But it would be great, it would use the technology of the touch screen and connect people socially (even though I expect many people would end up drawing penises.)

Update: OK – Minor setback – looks like there might already be an Exqisite Corpse app out there, will have to check it out and see if it does all the things I want my app to do, if so I might have to scratch this idea (sigh).

AND, on another note: I really like that my #venusreborn project is it made of photo combination (and not drawings) – so maybe I should create an app where you combine photos of bodyparts insted of drawings of them instead …

Update no. 2: I doesn’t look like the Exquisite Corpse games out there are have the full social aspect. So far I seems like you just create the drawings with people on the same iPad. This already makes my app different. Phew.

Also, whilst I was checking the Appstore, I found another app that inspired me a bit. It’s called Art Swipe – It’s not socialm and the images don’t really “fit” together – but I like the idea that I can swipe between images and that way create may different images. This type of app would work better if it was comepletely open to all contributers – but since this would create a big “penis-risk” I would probably need to add a flag image option.

Classic examples of Exquisite Corpse drawrings from themanorarts.com

Drawing I just created with the X-corpse app

Example from the Art-swipe app

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Wow – cool new possibilities with open API for Google hangout.

This cool little face tracking test from Resn made me jump a little bit!

Read the article here.

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So she popped out late last night, the first version of my #venusreborn experiment.


  • Coordinating the uploads went better than exspected – Especially because almost everyone remembered tag the next contributor in line in their caption.

  • One BIG mistake was that I apparently ended up recruiting some contributors with private profiles. Which means that not everyone can see the finished Venus Reborn experiment on Instagram. This also means that I can t re-use the same tag for my next experiment. UPDATE: @spraygunannie has changes her privacy settings so I hope this means that everyone can view the Venus now on IG.

  • The frames with the different bodyparts of Venus tie the image together – a bit like the old surrealist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse. When the other frames become to abstract you don’t see a connection between them. This is a bit problematic and I might set up more rules (colors, filters etc.) so that they become more connected.

Just to illustrate my points I will post both the finished experiment and the original frames:

Venus reborn:

The original (again):

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Ok so I finally got the Instagram experiment started up.

For my first try I decided to invite specific people to join in – later on I am planning on creating one with random people.

The project will run Thursday/Friday this week and and everyone needs to tage their contribution with #venusreborn at the right time for it to work. Now I just hope that not to many people jump out in the last minute – or that someone forgets to post at the right time … Fingers crossed!!

Here is a screen dump of the schedule I sent the contributors.

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As you know I am a big fan of Instagram. It is really nice social network, easy to use and connect to other users through. A lot of people are already creating Instagram Challenges where they set a brief and ask people who join in to tag their contribution in a certain way. If you use tags on your images they show up as thumbnails on a special page, like this:

… So think it could be fun to use this function to get contributors to help make a co-created image!

My plan is to cut at famous image up into 18 pieces (the normal amount of thumbnails shown on a page) – and ask people to create their own version of the different parts of the picture. They can use any motive or technique they wish, just as long as it has the same composition as the original part of the image. Hopefully, the result will be a recognizable reconstruction of the original!

It’s really, really important that people post their picture in the right order so I need to create a system for that.

It would be great if the co-created image was recognizable to anyone in the end, so I plan on using a really famous image – first thought was the Mona Lisa, but I the separate sections seem to become to boring. Instead I’ve been looking at these two options: Albert Einstein and Botticelli’s Venus.

So the plan is to give each contributor a section of the image – and aske them to recreate it in their own way, using any motive or technique thy choose, just as long as it has the same composition as the original part of the image. Hopefully, the result will be a recognizable reconstruction of the original image!

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