Vine has no official API which has made building a website for the confession piece a challenge. Jonas my programming friend who I’ve hired to help me build the sites has worked on it for hour on end but we had to go with the next best solution. The problem is that we can’t detect when a video is finished to automatically play the next. This means that we have set the website to play a video every length too 7 seconds (a Vine is about 6 seconds). This works fine on computers with a high speed Internet connection but not on mobile devices as iPads and iPhones which is a shame because my plan was to use an iPad for my installation. We also couldn’t adjust the size of the video and keep it center of the screen. This doesn’t really matter as the video will be playing behind a screen. For the show version Jonas has helped me build a version where I can adjust the size of the video and play length with parameters. Example: confessionchair.com/show/?milliseconds=9000&zoom=1.7. If you want to try you can change the parameters in the top and se how the result changes. (Load it in Firefox). The regular version of the website is this: confessionchair.com.

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