Final(?) plans

Skærmbillede 2013-08-05 kl. 20.42.33

Here are what I hope are my final plans though you never know if they change during the programming the next days.

1) Scores for a digital age: A mobile website that shows tweets tagged #someonesays on at a time. I might not build anything for this but only have a metal sign with instructions and a website link

2) Faces/Legs:  A 40″ flatscreen hanging sideways with a white frame and two buttons that lets you scroll through the work.

3) Confession box: A chair standing in front and a small screen installed in wall (e.g an iPad) with a live feed of Vines tagged #confession or #secret + headphones

4) Venus Reborn: 12 square prints 40 x 40 cm each hanging on one wall.

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