Something interesting has happened during my work. Somehow all my pieces are based on hashtags but I am using them in several different ways. This is rather ironic because I used to loathe hashtags and the way many people use them.

Here are some of my reflections on hashtags:

  1. They are crowd sourced meta data.
  2. They can be constructed (iseefaces and venusreborn) or simply a relevant word (confession).
  3. They can be part of a bigger trend or meme (iseefaces again).
  4. Or unique to a user or small group (venusreborn).
  5. Popular hashtags ( like confession and iseefaces) let me hijack usergenerated content and put it into new context.
  6. Constructing my own hashtag (venusreborn) has given me a platform within the platform of Instagram to order and showcase the work.
  7. They are also fragile as people often use them in other contexts (like tagging any photo iseefaces).

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