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Slightly non MA-related post:

A couple of weeks ago my three partners and myself launched a new social gaming app for mobile called Friendly. It’s based on the idea of the classic Who’s Who boardgame, but because it’s Facebook connected you now can guess your friends.

It’s been quite a learning process, it’s our first game off course, the first time we worked with Facebook connect (relevant for this MA!), and it’s the first time we have tried launching something this huge without the kind off budget that people like Zynga and Rovio have.

It’s out for iPhone now, and will be ready for Android in the next couple of days.

We made a little case video for it like we did with Concept Maker and you can download it from AppStore here.

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I’ve really been enjoying the new meme that has been built up around the failed amateur restoration of the Ecce Homo mural in Centro de Estudios Borjanos in Borja, Spain. The humor is hard to miss and the woman behind the whole thing, Cecilia Giménez has become somewhat of a legend on the internet.

But now this little web app appeared. The Cecilia Prize, where you can create your own version of the Ecce Homo and submit it via Twitter. I think this is such a nice idea and the whole story really gets you thinking about what art is – because she might have ruined a valuable piece of art, but at the same time this so called amateur created something much more controversial and effective – and I can’t see why that isn’t art in some other form.

Also this project would have fit nicely into my MA had I only thought of it …

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I’m still thinking about my little app idea. I like it a lot, but it doesn’t seem big enough as it is. Almost to simple … Then again, if I get it out and many people end up using it would be cool.

Then there is the problem of producing the damn thing. I can’t code – but I installed Xcode and started watching Lynda.com videos. Then a colleague told me that what I am trying to do could “easily” be created in Flash and exported to multiple platforms through Adobe Air.

If I want it out big I should probably go with that option.

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I just had a really nice idea for an app that would fit really nicely into my project. I’ve talked about the old Dadaist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse before, and just realised that it would make a wonderful iPad-app. I figure I could hook it up with Facebook connect, so people could use it to draw with their friends also. The real problem is, that I have no idea how to program this. So I will now consult with some of my more geeky friends to get some pointers! But it would be great, it would use the technology of the touch screen and connect people socially (even though I expect many people would end up drawing penises.)

Update: OK – Minor setback – looks like there might already be an Exqisite Corpse app out there, will have to check it out and see if it does all the things I want my app to do, if so I might have to scratch this idea (sigh).

AND, on another note: I really like that my #venusreborn project is it made of photo combination (and not drawings) – so maybe I should create an app where you combine photos of bodyparts insted of drawings of them instead …

Update no. 2: I doesn’t look like the Exquisite Corpse games out there are have the full social aspect. So far I seems like you just create the drawings with people on the same iPad. This already makes my app different. Phew.

Also, whilst I was checking the Appstore, I found another app that inspired me a bit. It’s called Art Swipe – It’s not socialm and the images don’t really “fit” together – but I like the idea that I can swipe between images and that way create may different images. This type of app would work better if it was comepletely open to all contributers – but since this would create a big “penis-risk” I would probably need to add a flag image option.

Classic examples of Exquisite Corpse drawrings from themanorarts.com

Drawing I just created with the X-corpse app

Example from the Art-swipe app

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Another really great thing was that Concept Makeer won a silver Creative Cricle award this Friday! Creative Circle is the Danish equivalent to D&AD. Actually this is the second award it has gotten so far – it also won a FWA in December.

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If you look at the bottom right corner of my blog, you will find my Instagram feed. I really like this photo sharing platform. It’s very open because you can easily connect with and follow new people. And I also enjoy it’s simplicity. It’s just about photos – many of them taken on/and edited on iPhones. Almost like a digital Lomo society. Many people use it to document interesting observations and details that would have been missed had they not been framed. It’s a creative community that spans from amateurs to professionals and therefore it may (or may not) fit quite nicely into my project.

Here are some examples from my own feed

My son painted the floor

Portugese graffiti

Topper in shadow

Saatchi Gallery

Ooooh – and I forgot to mention – Instagram users are used to daily challenges and competitions where a brief is set and users interpret the brief in a photo tagged with the title of the project. I think I might use Instragram in my testing process.

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Recognizr is a new app for Android that was also mentioned by Tom Eslinger at Eurobest.

Basically the app uses face-recognition to link link you to your social media accounts. This means that you can scan a strangers face at a party and immediately friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Partly really scary stuff and partly quite practical!

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