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I have been fiddling with an idea for the MA for a while and hope to launch it soon. I know I should not be scared to post these things on the blog because it is my record and it needs to be updated regularly to work, the problem is that the world I come from (the advertising business) is very secretive and the WORST thing that can happen is that someone steels your idea. BUT in two days it is time for the Unit 1 assessment so I really do not have a choice, I have to post the idea now. For a while I was considering if this idea should be my main project, but my decision is to make a series of Social Media projects and exhibit them all together. This is also due to the lang talk I had with Knud Pedersen (the Danish Fluxus and Mail artist). He pointed out that I was becoming to attached to one medium (Instagram) and it might end up limiting my work. I can see what he meant.

Project title: #iseefaces #iseelegs.

Fact: One of the most trending hashtags on Instagram is #iseefaces. The #iseefaces tag is used for photos of objects that look like faces. There is also a similar (though not as popular) hashtag called #iseelegs

Idea: Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawings my idea is to animate these dead objects further by adding “legs” to them.

Using the Instagram API the website (WP based) will pull the most recent #iseefaces and #iseelegs tagged pictures onto the frontpage of the site. Viewers may shuffle them and scroll back and forth to create new “creatures”. The site will be updated in real time so you can alter the site by uploading pictures through our own IG account.

For the final MA show I would love to build two large electrical cubes that can turn. The IG pictures should be projected onto using image mapping them and every time a new image is uploaded the cubes turn and a new image appears.


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I am planning a new run on my #venusreborn project. It seems like it would be good since:

A) It was actually never meant to be a standalone project,


B) As I mentioned earlier the new Instagram layout kinda broke the old project.

I have been debating with myself if I should choose another image for the next try but I think I will stick to the Birth of Venus. It is one of the most iconic images of all time and it has more details than many other famous paintings – also with a new image I would have to change the name = not good. So next thing I will have to create an invitation – I think it would be great if I could get enough participants without having to to special invitations. Off course a personal invitation could be a guarantee for quality submissions but it’s not as social as people joining out of interest. This dilemma is also important to me because I’ve been reading about Mail Art for my Research Paper and often Mail Art projects are very exclusive and invitation only.

Here is the layout for the next #venusreborn


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Instagram changed their layout a week or so ago – and to be honest I must say it looks great.

They made some cool new functions like a picture-map. But they also changed more basic stuff like the thumbnail pages (not so great for me) .

In the new and improved layout the thumbnails are much bigger which only leaves space for three thumbs (not four as I’ve used up til now).  This is really just a really classic example of how fragile projects on the Internet are. Especially projects that use an existing platform (as I did).

On the positive side, I expect that my next IG project will be easier to do because of the larger tiles. The small tiles were more abstract to work with for the contributors -  Larger tiles (like in this example that I stole from a former students Facebook page) are somehow easier to ‘put together’.

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Follow this link to go to the page with my Mid Point Review

Thank you so much for your time, I am really looking forward to hearing your comments!


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Ok so I finally got the Instagram experiment started up.

For my first try I decided to invite specific people to join in – later on I am planning on creating one with random people.

The project will run Thursday/Friday this week and and everyone needs to tage their contribution with #venusreborn at the right time for it to work. Now I just hope that not to many people jump out in the last minute – or that someone forgets to post at the right time … Fingers crossed!!

Here is a screen dump of the schedule I sent the contributors.

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I’ve played around with the sound of an egg frying. It’s more a test than a concept. A go at creating an emotion from soundclips that have nothing to do with to feeling I’m trying to create.

The feeling is eary and avantgarde :) And it might be a bit to long

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Through my job as a lecturer, I have fallen upon an interesting opportunity to do a large scale co-creation experiment.

I will be teaching a two-week course in creativity for 67 student, and for this course I have developed a co-creation assignment. A real client (the Metro company) asked me if I could set up a competition between the students to develop ideas for the walls of their construction sites – on key locations in Copenhagen.

Week one: The students will be asked to work in groups of four or five to create ideas for art projects for three of the walls surrounding construction sites.

Tuesday-Thursday: Ideation in small groups.
Friday: The Metro company will choose three winning ideas.

Week Two: The winning teams will pitch their ideas to the remaining groups, as If they were doing a Start-Up project, and the students will the be asked to choose which project they would like to help develop and implement.

Monday-Tuesday: developing the project.
Wednesday-Friday: On location creation and implementation of the ideas.

Outcomes for the experiment:

  • As I am highly interested in the dynamics of Start-Up projects this is a great opportunity to test their mechanics.
  • I am also interested in how well non-winning student will be able to adapt to their new projects, and if they will be able to feel real ownership for them.
  • Winners will have to lead the final three mega groups – I am interested in how this might change their roles in the project, and how the projects might change during week to.
  • All students will be credited for their work, but how is up to the winners.

Documentation: I will create a log over the progress everyday during the period (written + photos).

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