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Here are the descriptions for the three final art works.



Iseefaces is a popular Internet tag used for images or inanimate objects that appear to have a face. This web-based installation collects photos posted on the social picture sharing service Instagram tagged  #iseefaces and connect them to photos tagged #iseelegs putting them into a new context. Viewers can flick trough images by turning two dials on the side and add to the art piece by uploading images tagged appropriately. The installation updates it self every two and a half minutes to include any new images.

Web: iseelegsiseefaces.com




Venus reborn is a crowd-sourced replica of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus on Instagram. Each contributor is given a slice of the original image and asked to make their own version. When using my custom created tag #venusreborn and posted the right order, the photos appear as a full image on the Instagram thumbnail page. I printed the images from the two latest versions of project and mix and matched them to a new art piece.

Search for the hash tag #venusreborn on the Instagram phone app to see the original examples.




This confessional-like installation plays the 20 newest videos tagged #confession from the 6 seconds video sharing service Vine. After every 20 the website refreshes to include any new videos. The #confession hash tag is not constructed like the former ones. This installation is a comment to the way we use social media to share our innermost thoughts.

Web: confessionchair.com

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Here are some pictures of the show build. I am happy to say I finished in time but only because I had help from my husband and Jonathan friend (who is also named Jonathan!)

We had enough to do – One of my walls had a huge hole in it and the the other area I was using had yet to be painted. The build took all five days with out a minute to spare.

I ended up giving up on my twitter piece which did not feel ready and focusing  on my 3 other pieces.

The Venus Reborn was created with a mix of pictures from my two last Venus’, printed in digital print and cut into individual 30×30 cm images that were mounted on 8 mm foam board.

2013-08-23 17.15.32 2013-08-23 16.29.09

For the Confessional I borrowed one of the courses small screens and hanged it directly on the wall. I had brought a 2006 mac mini from home which ran the website. The parameters work well but I had some issues with Firefox that would freeze the video when it had been running for some hours. This is even more troublesome because the screen is difficult to see as it is placed behind a radiator grill and there is no room for a mouse and keyboard behind my little wall. Luckily I had a spare PowerMate button from the faces/legs project which I set up to let others restart Firefox easily …

2013-08-22 14.42.01

2013-08-22 14.41.57

2013-08-22 16.20.36

2013-08-23 17.15.20

2013-08-23 12.35.28-1

I gave up on building a frame around the faces/legs project because the wall it was mounted on was so crooked that it would be virtually impossible to get the frame straight also the TV looked beautiful as it was – so instead I changed the code so the Processing app had black borders instead of grey, and Ed Kelly helped me turn the images counter clockwise so I could hang the TV the other way around. We cut holes for the PowerMate button so they come straight out of the wall.

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Luckily we have a large scale printer at my work so I decided to print both versions of the Venus in two different sizes. I like the larger size the best (30×30 cm) but it is quite pixelated. Since I can’t decide weather or not this a good or bad look for the work I printed a smaller version also. She looks great in print though. I’ve printed both of the latest versions though I might actually mix and match them together for the show.

2013-08-16 12.02.00

2013-08-16 12.06.24

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Skærmbillede 2013-08-05 kl. 20.42.33

Here are what I hope are my final plans though you never know if they change during the programming the next days.

1) Scores for a digital age: A mobile website that shows tweets tagged #someonesays on at a time. I might not build anything for this but only have a metal sign with instructions and a website link

2) Faces/Legs:  A 40″ flatscreen hanging sideways with a white frame and two buttons that lets you scroll through the work.

3) Confession box: A chair standing in front and a small screen installed in wall (e.g an iPad) with a live feed of Vines tagged #confession or #secret + headphones

4) Venus Reborn: 12 square prints 40 x 40 cm each hanging on one wall.

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I’ve been working with a colleague who a agreed to help me learn processing all day today and yesterday. Yesterday we covered many of the basics so today we decided to try to work on something relevant for my MA project.

I really want to do a project with Vine, but since the app doesn’t have an API yet we had to try and work around that. The idea was to let users create a score that would play tags from Vine. Each user could add a tag by writing it in the program. This turned out to be more difficult than we hoped. We kept getting stuck.

After 6 hours of trying we had to stop because it just wasn’t working. Instead I will look into doing this in HTML or using Vine another way with HTML (* more about that further down).

Instead, we ended up creating a processing app for the Iseefaces#Iseelegs project. The programme does pretty much the same as the website but it lets the two pictures use the full size of the screen and flips them sideways so I can use ONE flatscreen monitor instead of two and hang it sideways – this way I only use one computer and one screen! Also we programmed it so it will work very well with the PowerMate buttons.

Skærmbillede 2013-07-23 kl. 16.56.54

* My other idea for Vine is to take one of the following tags: secret, confession, song, shout or magic and let them load onto a HTML site like this one called VineViewer. If I choose #confession or #secret it could be nice to build a custom confession box and let the viewer act as a priest who sits on the other side listening. If I use  #magic I would simply let them play on a screen in an backward order with the most recents playing first. For #song or #shout the layout of VineViewer (which uses the custom Vine player) would be very effective because  it loads several videos at once and people may play the sound of many at a time creating a massive sound collage.

Skærmbillede 2013-07-23 kl. 16.54.14

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I’ve decided on three pieces. A Score Piece that either gets video input from Vine or Instagram, a series of printed pictures (either #venusreborn or #iseefaces#iseelegs – can’t decide  and finally a box with two screens that get the feed from #iseefaces and #iseelegs website.

2013-07-22 15.57.29

For the three pieces I will need the following hardware:


  1. Two screens
  2. One or two computers
  3. Arduino or Powermate button solutions.
  4. Internet access
  5. Build custom box


  1. One screen
  2. One computer
  3. Internet Access
  4. Headphones
  5. (It might be a good idea to build a custom box for this piece also)

#VENUSREBORN (or more #iseefaces#iseelegs)

  1. Wall space
  2. 12 frames


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I’m trying to lock down how I should do the #ISEEFACES#ISEELEGS piece for our Final Show. As I want to exhibit several smaller pieces I’ve decided to go with a more simple installation design. This is both taking in count of the work load and the lighting of the space I end up getting.

The installation will consist of two monitors hanging or standing on top of each other, a wifi enabled computer and a plywood frame with 2-4 control buttons. The buttons will allow the viewer to navigate between the faces and legs on the website.

There are several different ways of connecting external buttons to a device:

  1. I can use Arduino to create a control center for four buttons I connect (this way I can use any button I like).
  2. I could use four simple USB buttons.
  3. I could two use Griffin PowerMate buttons which can be controlled both by pressing or turning back and fourth (nice because: fewer buttons, simple hardware and it gives me an opportunity to build in a refresh function).


I’ve collected some relevant links for the different button solutions:

USB button

Griffin PowerMate button

Arduino Push button

Arduino button tutorial

Raster Web Arduino and homemade USB button tutorial



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I have been fiddling with an idea for the MA for a while and hope to launch it soon. I know I should not be scared to post these things on the blog because it is my record and it needs to be updated regularly to work, the problem is that the world I come from (the advertising business) is very secretive and the WORST thing that can happen is that someone steels your idea. BUT in two days it is time for the Unit 1 assessment so I really do not have a choice, I have to post the idea now. For a while I was considering if this idea should be my main project, but my decision is to make a series of Social Media projects and exhibit them all together. This is also due to the lang talk I had with Knud Pedersen (the Danish Fluxus and Mail artist). He pointed out that I was becoming to attached to one medium (Instagram) and it might end up limiting my work. I can see what he meant.

Project title: #iseefaces #iseelegs.

Fact: One of the most trending hashtags on Instagram is #iseefaces. The #iseefaces tag is used for photos of objects that look like faces. There is also a similar (though not as popular) hashtag called #iseelegs

Idea: Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawings my idea is to animate these dead objects further by adding “legs” to them.

Using the Instagram API the website (WP based) will pull the most recent #iseefaces and #iseelegs tagged pictures onto the frontpage of the site. Viewers may shuffle them and scroll back and forth to create new “creatures”. The site will be updated in real time so you can alter the site by uploading pictures through our own IG account.

For the final MA show I would love to build two large electrical cubes that can turn. The IG pictures should be projected onto using image mapping them and every time a new image is uploaded the cubes turn and a new image appears.


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