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It feels like almost everyone is talking about how important it is to learn to code these days, and I really had been planning on getting started with Codecademy since I started on the MA, I just hadn’t  gotten around to it. But due to my new projects I’ve recently been getting more and more frustrated with my limited coding knowledge. So after Ed Kelly reminded me about Codecademy in my latest tutorial, I decided to get cracking with the course from the very top. And it’s amazing! It’s just as addictive as all the different iPhone puzzles that I can’t help waisting my time on, but the upside is that I’m actually learning to code. There are some glitches in the system though, e.g like it will sometimes let you pass a lesson with faulty code (grrr), and in the PHP section you would sometimes not pass with the right code. But all in all I’m so pleased with the site and I just hope I will be able to remember all the amazing stuff that I’m learning! At this point I’ve completed 229 exercises and received 31 badges (don’t you just love gamification). I’ve covered Basic HTML (and CSS) 1-3, a 50% of PHP and 40% of jQuery. Gotta run I want to get back to slide toggling some more stuff …



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In my opinion, one of the best talks of Eurobest 2011 was by Tom Eslinger (Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide). He talked about several technological opportunities and trends emerging in digital communication right now.

One was “Gamification” which is described on Wikipedia this way:

Gamification is the use of game design techniques and mechanics
to solve problems and engage audiences.

A well known example of Gamification is Foursquare that rewards users with badges and points for check-ins. Tom Eslinger presented an app called EpicWin as another great example. EpicWin (by Rexbox) is basicly a checklist crossed with a computer game. You put down your days chores and tasks and then gain points every time you complete one. You choose an avatar and can even move up levels if you make enough progress. To me this is fantastic. It actually works because it motivates me and serves as a small pet on the shoulder. Yes it’s also silly, but it’s a great way to engage people.

I wasn’t planning on using Gamification for my project, but now I feel I might because I see many social opportunities in it (e.g. multiplayer options).

EpicWin casevideo

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