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Yesterday the trial against Bradley Manning, Wikileaker and Nobel prize nominee, started. Bradley served in Iraq and during his time there leaked a massive number of secret files to Wikileaks and the public. Though it cannot be proved that Bradley’s actions have put any US soldiers in danger he stands to get a sentence of 20 years or even death for sharing the truth about the war to the public

The website iam.bradleymanning.org is a place to show your support online. You upload a photo of yourself holding a sign and the makers of the site will create a video using all the uploaded pictures.

Skærmbillede 2013-06-04 kl. 13.46.59

My picture is no. 4 on the second row. You can see my whole post here.

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Yesterday (oh it’s getting late) the day before yesterday – there were several large anti ACTA protest all over Europe. Worried as I am about ACTA, I had to join in.

It was a great experience, at least 10.000 people joined the protest outside the danish parliament. People with different political views and interest.

One of the main questions was this: If ACTA isn’t dangerous why has it been created behind closed doors?

Things to worry about

    • Will ACTA result in a constant surveillance of the Internet?
    • How small a crime can be considered a crime? (Right now there is no bottom line. Uploading a picture of Mickey Mouse to Facebook could in theory result in prosecution.)
    • Should multinational firms control our freedom of speech?



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I stumbled across the book “Digital Folklore” a couple of weeks ago on the website netart.org. The title fascinated me, so I ordered it and it arrived today. It seems to focus on something very relevant to my personal project, the big gray mass of amateur creators who inhabit the Internet and outnumber the professionals by far. And when everyone can create and produce – how do we decide who the real professionals are? I would like to quote the foreword by webartist Cory Arcangel:

… But while these artist were doing strange things with the Internet, the online “everybody else” was doing the same. And what is art but human expression?

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Polish protester - http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/
Polish protester – http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

It is strange times, our beautiful democratic Internet is under attack from many sides. And just as the heat of SOPA and PIPA has cooled – Several of Europes governments (including my own countrys) has signed another sneaky agreement, ACTA – and ACTA is not just a local bill – it’s world wide. Let’s hope that the European parliament turns it down. I wonder what kind of lobby work is being done since all these laws turn up at the same time. ACTA was designed by Japan and USA in 2006 … Is it really the entertainment industries that are doing lobby work in this scale. I keep thinking that they just don’t know the consequences of their work. Actually, no one really does – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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