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I am really exited about my Exquistite Corpse ideas. The way I see it I have two ideas for social art apps now:

1. A classic Exquistite Corpse app for the iPad – BUT with the social factor, that really is the whole point. And which has not been made yet as far a I can see. The reason this app should be for the iPad is obviously to ensure the quality of the work, anyone who has played Draw Something on both a phone and a tablet know what I mean. This app should have a slide option so participators can see their drawings in different contexts.

2. A photo version where you take pictures of head, body or legs instead of drawing them. This app should be for smart phones because it way more handy to take pictures with your phone than a tablet – AND you don’t need the large screen for precision. This way I won’t exclude to many people because of their devices. I created a quick muck up to show how it might work. My only worry with this idea, that people might not use it as creatively as they could and the result therefor will become to boring …


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I just had a really nice idea for an app that would fit really nicely into my project. I’ve talked about the old Dadaist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse before, and just realised that it would make a wonderful iPad-app. I figure I could hook it up with Facebook connect, so people could use it to draw with their friends also. The real problem is, that I have no idea how to program this. So I will now consult with some of my more geeky friends to get some pointers! But it would be great, it would use the technology of the touch screen and connect people socially (even though I expect many people would end up drawing penises.)

Update: OK – Minor setback – looks like there might already be an Exqisite Corpse app out there, will have to check it out and see if it does all the things I want my app to do, if so I might have to scratch this idea (sigh).

AND, on another note: I really like that my #venusreborn project is it made of photo combination (and not drawings) – so maybe I should create an app where you combine photos of bodyparts insted of drawings of them instead …

Update no. 2: I doesn’t look like the Exquisite Corpse games out there are have the full social aspect. So far I seems like you just create the drawings with people on the same iPad. This already makes my app different. Phew.

Also, whilst I was checking the Appstore, I found another app that inspired me a bit. It’s called Art Swipe – It’s not socialm and the images don’t really “fit” together – but I like the idea that I can swipe between images and that way create may different images. This type of app would work better if it was comepletely open to all contributers – but since this would create a big “penis-risk” I would probably need to add a flag image option.

Classic examples of Exquisite Corpse drawrings from themanorarts.com

Drawing I just created with the X-corpse app

Example from the Art-swipe app

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I posted this earlier today thinking it wasn’t relevant to my project. But re-reading the last paragraph of Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky, I realized it is.

He describes a scene at friends house where a four-year-old runs behind a TV to look for a mouse, and then says:

Four-year-olds, old enough to start absorbing the culture they live in but with little awareness of its antecedents, will not have to waste their time later trying to unlearn the lessons of Childhood spent watching Gilligan’s Island. They will just assume that media includes the possibility og consuming, producing, and sharing side by side. How else would you do it?

An iPad Is A Magazine That Does Not Work

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