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Instagram changed their layout a week or so ago – and to be honest I must say it looks great.

They made some cool new functions like a picture-map. But they also changed more basic stuff like the thumbnail pages (not so great for me) .

In the new and improved layout the thumbnails are much bigger which only leaves space for three thumbs (not four as I’ve used up til now).  This is really just a really classic example of how fragile projects on the Internet are. Especially projects that use an existing platform (as I did).

On the positive side, I expect that my next IG project will be easier to do because of the larger tiles. The small tiles were more abstract to work with for the contributors -  Larger tiles (like in this example that I stole from a former students Facebook page) are somehow easier to ‘put together’.

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I am really exited about my Exquistite Corpse ideas. The way I see it I have two ideas for social art apps now:

1. A classic Exquistite Corpse app for the iPad – BUT with the social factor, that really is the whole point. And which has not been made yet as far a I can see. The reason this app should be for the iPad is obviously to ensure the quality of the work, anyone who has played Draw Something on both a phone and a tablet know what I mean. This app should have a slide option so participators can see their drawings in different contexts.

2. A photo version where you take pictures of head, body or legs instead of drawing them. This app should be for smart phones because it way more handy to take pictures with your phone than a tablet – AND you don’t need the large screen for precision. This way I won’t exclude to many people because of their devices. I created a quick muck up to show how it might work. My only worry with this idea, that people might not use it as creatively as they could and the result therefor will become to boring …


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Wow – long time no blog! I’ve been reading quite a bit – will get back to that in a later post. Now I just want to share some thoughts on the Blast Theory lecture that Jonathan uploaded recently.

I plugged my computer to our flat screen TV and enjoyed the lecture in large scale. I actually already knew most of the works described in the talk, but it was great to hear some background info from Matt Adams and to get knowledge of some of the difficulties of creating work like this.

One work that I have to check out is the “Rider Spoke”. This i a work based on mobile and geo-location, but it challenges authorship issues in the same sense that I expect my own work to do. A good point here was to “make work that allows people to speak on their own terms”.

Even though Blast Theory create interactive work, I found that most of the featured works were very controlled. Matt Adams argued that even in these controlled environments their was room for play. I still felt that the artist was looking for some very specific emotions and reactions from their audiences.

A thought: The talk about TV companies was also inspiring. I like the idea that participation doesn’t have to limit to updates and sharing of TV content – but through connectivity we might actually air movies that people can participate in, like this German advert for a TV Channel that was aired in movie theaters two years ago. With a special app that uses voice recognition and connects you smart-phone to your TV you might guide a protagonist through a situation – or remote control a car through a city in a car chase …

13th Street interactive movie, Agency: Jung Von Matt

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I posted this earlier today thinking it wasn’t relevant to my project. But re-reading the last paragraph of Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky, I realized it is.

He describes a scene at friends house where a four-year-old runs behind a TV to look for a mouse, and then says:

Four-year-olds, old enough to start absorbing the culture they live in but with little awareness of its antecedents, will not have to waste their time later trying to unlearn the lessons of Childhood spent watching Gilligan’s Island. They will just assume that media includes the possibility og consuming, producing, and sharing side by side. How else would you do it?

An iPad Is A Magazine That Does Not Work

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If you look at the bottom right corner of my blog, you will find my Instagram feed. I really like this photo sharing platform. It’s very open because you can easily connect with and follow new people. And I also enjoy it’s simplicity. It’s just about photos – many of them taken on/and edited on iPhones. Almost like a digital Lomo society. Many people use it to document interesting observations and details that would have been missed had they not been framed. It’s a creative community that spans from amateurs to professionals and therefore it may (or may not) fit quite nicely into my project.

Here are some examples from my own feed

My son painted the floor

Portugese graffiti

Topper in shadow

Saatchi Gallery

Ooooh – and I forgot to mention – Instagram users are used to daily challenges and competitions where a brief is set and users interpret the brief in a photo tagged with the title of the project. I think I might use Instragram in my testing process.

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Recognizr is a new app for Android that was also mentioned by Tom Eslinger at Eurobest.

Basically the app uses face-recognition to link link you to your social media accounts. This means that you can scan a strangers face at a party and immediately friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Partly really scary stuff and partly quite practical!

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In my opinion, one of the best talks of Eurobest 2011 was by Tom Eslinger (Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide). He talked about several technological opportunities and trends emerging in digital communication right now.

One was “Gamification” which is described on Wikipedia this way:

Gamification is the use of game design techniques and mechanics
to solve problems and engage audiences.

A well known example of Gamification is Foursquare that rewards users with badges and points for check-ins. Tom Eslinger presented an app called EpicWin as another great example. EpicWin (by Rexbox) is basicly a checklist crossed with a computer game. You put down your days chores and tasks and then gain points every time you complete one. You choose an avatar and can even move up levels if you make enough progress. To me this is fantastic. It actually works because it motivates me and serves as a small pet on the shoulder. Yes it’s also silly, but it’s a great way to engage people.

I wasn’t planning on using Gamification for my project, but now I feel I might because I see many social opportunities in it (e.g. multiplayer options).

EpicWin casevideo

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Location specific content can also be a great way of creating unique experiences for users:

1. Location based services

A Location-Based Service (LBS) is an information or entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device

A classic example of LBS is of course still Foursquare, that allows people to check in to places, collect badges, and get special offers from stores and venues. I also like this ad for Airwalk – where invisible pup-op stores were created using LBS and augmented reality.

Campaign: Airwalk’s Invisible Pop Up Store. Agencies: Y&R New York, USA + Goldrun.

2. Wi-Fi Connect

By creating a free wi-fi hot-spot which directs mobile users to a default web page you can give them certain experiences or let them interact with nearby installations. Example: Wi-fireworks by Takayoshi Kishimoto and Unit9. I like the possibilities in this technology, because of its simplicity and that you don’t have to download a certain app or anything like that to interact with the art piece. You could also create a wi-fi treasure hunt where e.g. special videos could be only be viewed in certain wi-fi hot spots.

Wi-fireworks by Takayoshi Kishimoto and Unit9

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Concept Maker case video from Concept Maker on Vimeo.

It’s been a crazy day! We worked ALL night to get our press kit and website ready for launch, and now it’s finally out! Our first app. <3 It’s been well received today … So now I’ll go to bed and sleep happily!

You can read more about the Concept Maker here 
And … the direct link to iTunes here

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Not so MA related – but it’s just so amazing news that I had share it! We finally have our Apple developers account and are submitting our creativity app; The Concept Maker to Apple’s App Store. Crossing fingers that it will be a speedy process! Check out my presentation video below this post for some screencaptures from the app.



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