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As a part of the process of writing my Project Proposal I have created a page for my Bibliography in my sidebar. It is really nice to get this part of my research organised. I usually bookmark anything relevant I come across on Delicious but even though I use tags I still have some troubles finding everything relevant for my MA (One of the reasons being that I’ve had my Delicious account for over four years and  I have only been using tags as “MA” and “Camberwell” since I started my MA). I hope this Bibliography will make it easier for myself and other readers to gain an overview of the sources I plan on using for my MA project.

It is work in progress so I will be adding to it and updating it during my MA.


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Crossroads from Katrine Granholm on Vimeo.

This my first video blog post

password: lol-kat


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To get the words flowing (and the the blog up and running), I’ve now decided to post anything that feels relevant to my project. I went to tons of seminars last week (at Eurobest), and took a lot of notes there. But rather than doing one huge post with everything that was good, I find it is probably more rewarding to post cases, theories, and technologies in short separate posts on the blog. This will hopefully make them easier for me to find later on in my process, and it saves me from writing long summaries of whole seminars. Also, it give me possibility to reflect on them isolated and put them into a new context (my own project).  I’m also reading the pile books that we’ve been assigned so soon I’ll also be reflecting over them in the same way.

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