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As mentioned before I would like to create at least one more project for the show. The projects I’ve been working on so far are solely focused on the act of participation and missing a deeper message. It was therefore great for me to see the Yoko Ono exhibition – a lot of her works were meant for active participation but had a lot of meaning even though they were only passively viewed. Refreshed by Ono’s Fluxus thinking I have these new ideas for a projects.

#1. Smile Collection Box. 

A website that lets users donate their smile to a site on the internet. All the smiles could be projected onto a wall or to separate screens. I could also hijack Vine for this project because it’s nice if they are ‘alive’.

#2. Tell.

A website version of a confession box where users can tell a secret anonymously. The idea feels a bit old right now but there’s something in it.

#3. Artist Roulette

Like chat roulette but it’s performance artists performing for users. I would probably only be able to make it live for the show – and even that would be a lot of work.

#4. The Never Ending Canon

Using a sort of karaoke system users should record a verse of a well known canon song. The verse is looped and layered on top of the previous version and in the end you should have a massive canon.

#5. Pass It Down (or pass anything down)

Creating a custom tag for Vine and participants make a Vine where they receive an object from the top of the picture and pass it down to the bottom. When you scroll through a feed it should look like the pictures are connected.

Right now I’m opting for #1 for it’s simplicity or #4. because of its playfulness.

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I’m still thinking about my little app idea. I like it a lot, but it doesn’t seem big enough as it is. Almost to simple … Then again, if I get it out and many people end up using it would be cool.

Then there is the problem of producing the damn thing. I can’t code – but I installed Xcode and started watching Lynda.com videos. Then a colleague told me that what I am trying to do could “easily” be created in Flash and exported to multiple platforms through Adobe Air.

If I want it out big I should probably go with that option.

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Follow this link to go to the page with my Mid Point Review

Thank you so much for your time, I am really looking forward to hearing your comments!


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Video blog #2 from Katrine Granholm on Vimeo.

Some thoughs about my project …

password: lol-kat

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By reading the article by Ben Davis I became aware of two different types of social media art. And they are quite different from each other.

One is “art that uses social media” (e.g. data from social media users). Example: Don’t tell Ashton. This is really what one might call Generative art and not really that social when you think about it.

The other type is “social media art collaboration“. In this case the artist might actually become more of a curator, who sets a scene and some game rules on an online platform that people collaborate under to create a common art piece. Art collaboration is not new in it self. But social media enables unprofessional to join effort with pros and thus removing the boarders between professionals and amateurs. This is truly social, but one could question the results. It also opens the question about ownership… I will get back to this in a later blog post.


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As a part of the process of writing my Project Proposal I have created a page for my Bibliography in my sidebar. It is really nice to get this part of my research organised. I usually bookmark anything relevant I come across on Delicious but even though I use tags I still have some troubles finding everything relevant for my MA (One of the reasons being that I’ve had my Delicious account for over four years and  I have only been using tags as “MA” and “Camberwell” since I started my MA). I hope this Bibliography will make it easier for myself and other readers to gain an overview of the sources I plan on using for my MA project.

It is work in progress so I will be adding to it and updating it during my MA.


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Crossroads from Katrine Granholm on Vimeo.

This my first video blog post

password: lol-kat


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To get the words flowing (and the the blog up and running), I’ve now decided to post anything that feels relevant to my project. I went to tons of seminars last week (at Eurobest), and took a lot of notes there. But rather than doing one huge post with everything that was good, I find it is probably more rewarding to post cases, theories, and technologies in short separate posts on the blog. This will hopefully make them easier for me to find later on in my process, and it saves me from writing long summaries of whole seminars. Also, it give me possibility to reflect on them isolated and put them into a new context (my own project).  I’m also reading the pile books that we’ve been assigned so soon I’ll also be reflecting over them in the same way.

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