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I’m still not sure if I’ll be showing the #VENUSREBORN work at the final show – I still need to do a couple of second runs and it seems the midwife edition fell through. If I do show it, I will do it a a series of prints hanging together framed.

I gouess the best thing would be to start a new edition the following days and see where it takes me.


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Wuhu! 12 real midwife students have agreed to do the next version of the #venusreborn project! More info about that later …

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Instagram changed their layout a week or so ago – and to be honest I must say it looks great.

They made some cool new functions like a picture-map. But they also changed more basic stuff like the thumbnail pages (not so great for me) .

In the new and improved layout the thumbnails are much bigger which only leaves space for three thumbs (not four as I’ve used up til now).  This is really just a really classic example of how fragile projects on the Internet are. Especially projects that use an existing platform (as I did).

On the positive side, I expect that my next IG project will be easier to do because of the larger tiles. The small tiles were more abstract to work with for the contributors -  Larger tiles (like in this example that I stole from a former students Facebook page) are somehow easier to ‘put together’.

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So she popped out late last night, the first version of my #venusreborn experiment.


  • Coordinating the uploads went better than exspected – Especially because almost everyone remembered tag the next contributor in line in their caption.

  • One BIG mistake was that I apparently ended up recruiting some contributors with private profiles. Which means that not everyone can see the finished Venus Reborn experiment on Instagram. This also means that I can t re-use the same tag for my next experiment. UPDATE: @spraygunannie has changes her privacy settings so I hope this means that everyone can view the Venus now on IG.

  • The frames with the different bodyparts of Venus tie the image together – a bit like the old surrealist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse. When the other frames become to abstract you don’t see a connection between them. This is a bit problematic and I might set up more rules (colors, filters etc.) so that they become more connected.

Just to illustrate my points I will post both the finished experiment and the original frames:

Venus reborn:

The original (again):

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Ok so I finally got the Instagram experiment started up.

For my first try I decided to invite specific people to join in – later on I am planning on creating one with random people.

The project will run Thursday/Friday this week and and everyone needs to tage their contribution with #venusreborn at the right time for it to work. Now I just hope that not to many people jump out in the last minute – or that someone forgets to post at the right time … Fingers crossed!!

Here is a screen dump of the schedule I sent the contributors.

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