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You can’t really have a blog about social media art and phenomenas and not mention this meme: The Harlem Shake is spreading like wildfire across the Internet. This graph from an article on Mashable tells the story quite well.

This is the video that started all the racket …

… though this is the real original

… and here are some of mt favorite responses

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Congratulations Felix, Redbull and YouTube.

I can’t help wonder if he also broke a fourth record of “the highest number of people watching a live feed”? Or maybe “most views in a second”?

This cat describes my own experience quite well.

Update: according to this article on Mashable more than 8 million people watched the jump live on YouTube. That’s more than 10x the current record.

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Somehow I have missed out on this amazing Youtube project produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald. Life in a day is a crowd sourced documentary about life. Edited from more than 4500 hours of videos from all over the world. All videos had to be from July 24, 2010 and contributors were asked to film their life and answer three very simple questions:

1. What do you love?

2. What do you fear?

3. What’s in your pocket?

Often the scenes were just ordinary scenes from everyday life – but death, birth, sorrow and happiness were also depicted in a very sincere manor.

I am truly touched by this film. It made me think more about on the truly socialaspect of my project. In one of the final moments of the movie a girl explains that she has been waiting all day for something amazing to happen. She is truly disappointed because the even this day has been completely normal, and even though she knows that her life is normal, she doesn’t want it to be. I think this is some of the strongest motivation we have to share, we want to be able to see our life through the eyes of someone else and we want what they see to be amazing.

Thanks to Osiris – I found this film on his page.
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We were asked to read Lev Manovich‘s essay The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life (2008). By great luck this essay is direct relation to my project (and now added to my theoretical research).

I was especially interrested in his thoughts on remixing and amateur art creation. Manovich is very positive about the standards of quality in non-professional content creation. And he feels that in many ways these amateurs or rather young professionals are raising the bar compared to to the work of many established artist.

He also points out that new media enables creating art or content as a part of a conversation. This is also in my opinion a very unique and important difference to other media platforms, and one that I would love to explore even more. It made me think of the Gregory Brothers, a Brooklyn based group of siblings who remix YouTube video content (news clips or other memes) and make them into music. What is really interesting is how the group add value to their own work by inviting others to create their own versions of the songs and uploading them as direct responses.

Through my work as an Art Director I am used to work in team because this often stimulates the creative thinkings process 1+1 = 3! (Imagine this principle and multiply all three numbers with 1.000.000 …)

There can’t be any doubt that creation through online conversation is an incredible driver/motivation. Like a word wide brainstorm.

Manovich reminds os that through history all art has been created as reaction to something else – the real difference is the speed that it is happening now and that the “amateurs” have joined the conversation.

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