Twitter talk notes

It was my 4th trip to Cannes Lions this year and it was even bigger than ever – a lot more new categories, more speakers, more submissions, more winners. And on top of all that it was the 60th year anniversary of the festival also.

I like the mix og viewing work and going to seminars and this year I tried to focus on anything about social media. So, naturally one of the people I knew I had to see was Twitter’s Chief Media Scientist Deb Roy (also an associate professor at MIT). His talk was called ‘Social Soundtrack’ and was a in depth look at how social media (and especially live social media like Twitter) effects the way we experience the world. Using examples from TV – it’s a well known fact that TV is now a two-screen experience – he talked about how expression of an experience is both an amplifier and a memory trigger. He made two points.

1. When we share and experience we remember it better.

2013-06-19 17.07.40

2. Because we are social beings, we are automatic drawn to do what others are doing. 
E.G. I f we walk on the street and someone looks up we naturally will do the same.

2013-06-19 17.19.19

His conclusion was lent from physics force = mass x acceleration.

2013-06-19 17.31.20

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