Unit 2 assessment:
Written paper + curated blog.

Present, in the final exhibition, a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding. 

My MA began with a question “Can art be social?”  I saw art as something that was generally regarded exclusive and elitist and in opposition to inclusive and non-elitist behaviour found on social media platforms. Could art be crowd sourced by non-professionals through social media? And would it still have value and justification?

My research paper on the similarities between the Fluxus art movement and social media was a cornerstone in my creative development. Though my goal was not to create Fluxus art, the idea of experience through active participation, and the artist as a curator became key values. And due to my arts immediate and simple qualities I decided than rather than only exhibiting one single piece, I wanted to create a small series of different experiences.

Therefore, my final exhibition consists of three separate art works that share methodologies but uses them in different ways. They all build on popular social media platforms rather than creating new ones, and use hash tags as a method to filter content and put it into a new context.

Since my art is both web-based and interactive I decided to learn basic coding. With the help from more experienced programmers I have also been working with Processing.

Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context in both written and verbal forms. 

For my early research I focused on the mechanics of social media and social behaviour. Authors like Clay Shirky made me understand the deep unconscious social drive that makes humankind so unique. Social media artists such as Aron Koblin were also of great interest to me.

My early experiments helped me see my work in a greater context. It’s similarities to the drawing game The Exquisite Corpse turned my focus to art movements like Dadaism and Fluxus. I quickly realised that the Fluxus artist shared my wish to challenge the established ideas of aesthetics and artistic value, which became the main focus of my research paper. The research paper became a cornerstone in my creative development and the ideas of experience through active participation and the artist as a curator became key values.

Finally I found that Internet Memes have a strong connection to my practice. The implied framework of online phenomenas such as lolcats intrigue me. Though they may be crude, these memes serve as creative glue between huge numbers of people across the world

Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development. 

The opportunity to turn my focus on this one subject for more than two years has been an inestimable experience.

In addition to my personal development as an artist, my research and final body of work have given me an in-depth understanding of the behavioral patterns of users of different social platforms and ideas for creative utilization. I plan to continue my studies and creative experiments in this area and develop my body of work further with other projects based on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

I also plan on creating on a lecture on the subject for my BA students, which I also hope to develop into a paper or even a book.



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