Where are you at?

Location specific content can also be a great way of creating unique experiences for users:

1. Location based services

A Location-Based Service (LBS) is an information or entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device

A classic example of LBS is of course still Foursquare, that allows people to check in to places, collect badges, and get special offers from stores and venues. I also like this ad for Airwalk – where invisible pup-op stores were created using LBS and augmented reality.

Campaign: Airwalk’s Invisible Pop Up Store. Agencies: Y&R New York, USA + Goldrun.

2. Wi-Fi Connect

By creating a free wi-fi hot-spot which directs mobile users to a default web page you can give them certain experiences or let them interact with nearby installations. Example: Wi-fireworks by Takayoshi Kishimoto and Unit9. I like the possibilities in this technology, because of its simplicity and that you don’t have to download a certain app or anything like that to interact with the art piece. You could also create a wi-fi treasure hunt where e.g. special videos could be only be viewed in certain wi-fi hot spots.

Wi-fireworks by Takayoshi Kishimoto and Unit9

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